Stem Cuttings: Use a sharp, clean scissors or razor blade to cut a 3”-5” piece from the end of a healthy stem just below a leaf node. Brown are ok too, I just seem to have a much quicker root response with green/young ones. ( cutting leaves in half) thanks so much! Glad it worked out. The key is humidity (and I know how humid Toronto gets lol) so as long as it’s moist outside you’ll be ok without one. I would not recommend propagating distressed or pest-ridden plants. Look for areas that are uneven, or for spots that you would like fuller growth. Wearing protective gloves while taking cuttings from a rubber tree is encouraged as the sap can cause skin irritation on contact. You can! -Anastasia. Hi can i propagate the longer branch of the rubber tree. Hi Fran, I think I know what you mean and a branch cutting (no barky part) should still work out fine. All rights reserved. Hi! Hope that helps! Should I pot it in soil now or should I give it more time for more roots? Place in a Warm, Sunny Location, and Wait! Hi! I live in Florida my shears weren’t sharp so my rubber plant cutting is jagged is that ok I also don’t have rooting hormone or a big enough plastic bag. Hi Em, if it has decent roots you should be good. After I cured Rudy of spider mites, he was left with some funny growth, weird leaves and botched stems. That’s not the case for plant propagation. For large plants, it’s better to let them dry out quite a bit then water well until it runs out of the bottom. But that doesn’t quite curb the fear of chopping off plant heads and limbs. Or should i cut it into half or into more pieces? Rubber tree plants can grow very tall and this means an indoor rubber tree occasionally needs to be pruned. Thank you for this post! Before you make any cuts, ensure that you identify the leaf nodes along the stem as this is where the new roots will eventually grow. Unlike Monsteras, Rubber trees do not need to root in water. I have an Elastica Tineke, and being a total novice, I repotted it in general purpose compost without any perlite and then sent it to a watery root rot grave. Yes you can! Did you propagate a Rubber tree using either of these methods or another? But along with these tiny new roots, each stem/leaf cutting is also pushing out a tiny baby leaf. Took a while to figure out the lighting situation. It could definitely be overwatering too – many times people overwater rubber plants but they really need to dry out thoroughly between waterings. You would still use the same process. They become dormant in the colder months from late fall to winter. Hi, I have tried both methods of propagating (soil and water) but the stem of the cutting rots and eventually dies. Once you have chosen where you will take the cutting from your rubber tree, take your sharp scissors or pruning shears and make a swift, diagonal cut directly under the lowest leaf node of the new cutting. I hope that helps! Hi Ellie, your plant *should* be fine, but upon receiving it do check for a limp or soggy stem or very limp or dry leaves. You can dip it in *real* honey if you can’t find rooting hormone. Pileas tend to be in their growing season from spring through summer and into early fall. Read more… The best time for any type of propagating is when the plant is in its growing season and has plenty of energy to send to new growth. I took cutting today from a 20 year rubber tree my granny planted. Sarina Petrocelly 11/25/20 Join the Community. So my question is, if I were to cut it a few inches bellow the last leaves where the stalk is still green, would it root in soil, like a smaller cutting? When rubber trees are growing roots they are fragile, so he may just need to acclimate to water again. Remove the bottom set of leaves from the cutting. Always keep the bag partially open, I always seal it 3/4 of the way and leave the rest open. The procedure for air layering a rubber tree, weeping fig, and other woody Ficus species is as follows. Its Toronto – so they will come back in eventually. I took snippets of my huge rubber plant and gave them to my best friends to propagate and sent them the link to this article 🙂. Worked out beautifully! My mother plant is having alot of new growth should I cut off unhealthy leaves? Carefully remove the leaves from the cut piece. Slice across several of the larger veins on the underside of the leaf with a sharp knife. I did that for a few sequence and am still dealing with leaves turning yellow…. Here's the complete guide to propagate a rubber tree to keep them lush and lovely. Can I take it and make 4 or 5 cuts to propagate it ? After 4-5 weeks, the cutting should begin establishing roots. I take it the bag is removed every now and then to water. I would definitely wait a while, it helps to have an older rubber tree for propagating, I’ve just had better luck with them. Yes it would! These people are awful. You never want it to completely dry out for the first 6 weeks, but once it’s established you can go back to a normal rubber plant water schedule, which is only watering when the soil is dry. Explore. Hi Anastasia! He’s very beautiful. Is it ok to cut the leaves in half to fit in the bag. Can I bring it back to life? Good luck, Janice! It’s been a month and a half now. can I cut up that stem and propagate it? My plant is really old but I don’t want to loose it. How To: Transform a Utility Cart into a Plant Stand, Why I Left My Corporate Job to Pursue Plants,, Take the cutting and plop it into a small glass vessel (. Do you think this will work or should I pull it out of the dirt and start over. I also want to add that Rubber trees do grow quickly, and pruning to maintain a decent shape is necessary for some. Each requires the same set of tools and supplies. Leave the smaller pot in the water until the surface of the vermiculite looks damp but not soaking. Be sure to fertilize it occasionally as well. Wait. What in your opinion would be most successful? Hello! And since then I haven’t seen any progress with the roots and the two leaves have fallen off. Do you know why a variegated rubber tree’s new leaves would come out smaller than usual? I performed this in early September, so I was able to still have some sun for Rudy to soak up in NY. Is it fine? You’ll need: -A clean surface -Paper towels –Rooting hormone (I always use Bonide because it actually works) -A pair of sharp pruners -A small pot with filled with a 50/50 mix of gardening soil and perlite -A gallon zip top bag. Help – I followed your methods and now I have new growth on my propagated cuttings but no roots. You can try, it may work, but cuttings are most successful with preexisting leaves. Hi! I propogated mine in water and it was going so well but now I’ve planted it, it looks very wilted and unhappy. If it’s warm and humid where you are you can sure try! She’s probably still recovering quite a bit and needs time to pump out those new leaves. and why do i have to cut most of the leaves? Growing a Bay Tree from Cuttings. Is my cutting a goner? *Leaf and Paw takes part in Amazon Affiliates, so we get a small percentage of any of these sales so we can make more content for you! Rubber trees can take a while before you see anything. I have cut the top part of the plant where the stem was still green with the last remaining leaves mostly in tact, and put into water in the hope it will begin to regrow roots. The former can be done to create new, small plants to add to your collection or give as gifts or to … Hi! Hello! I appreciate you all sharing this with me! Hi Michelle, you definitely can. Your email address will not be published. Hi Joey! I wouldn’t recommend adding powder to water, powder is really for soil propagation for woody plants. PS I have no idea what I’m talking about, i can barely keep a cactus alive. Soon you’ll see small white roots show up that look like this! Mine was in pretty decent sun, too. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You’re now done with the mother plant. How to Propagate from Leaf Cuttings. I found this information extremely helpful so thank you for sharing! Each half is about 6-7 inches. The reason its previous owners abandoned it are apparent, it’s leaves are beautiful and healthy at the top, but it has a very tall and bare trunk. So went home and placed the cuttings in water. Make sure it doesn’t need water or is in too hot a room. I haven’t tried honeycomb but I know others have and had it work, so I’d say why not? I find rubber trees can “survive” in shade, but most likely your home is darker than a green house, so it still needs to be pretty bright for them to thrive. Thanks love your web site. Take 4” – 6” (10 cm to 15 cm) long pieces at the end of the stems, cutting well below a knot with a clean knife. Materials that are needed to air layer a rubber tree include a sharp knife, sphagnum moss, a sheet of clear plastic, twist ties, and a rooting hormone. Tinekes get droopy when they are waterlogged (too frequent watering) or kept in a very hot environment. Literally every leaf wilted, turned white, dried up and fell off 😭. With a few simple tools and supplies, learn how you can create a new rubber tree by taking cuttings from your existing plant! To grow a rubber tree, start by lining the bottom of a pot with pebbles to improve its drainage. Because I’m going to a different state, I am not really allowed to bring any ‘foreign’ soil, so I was hoping to root it in water. Lawn And Garden. Watering a bit every day never really “waters” them, and this is definitely why you have yellowing leaves. Curry leaf plant can be grown from seeds, stem cuttings or from suckers around an adult tree. Before planting, apply a rooting hormone to the end of each cutting. You can definitely transfer to soil/a planter, just be sure to wait for roots double to triple that size. Aug 15, 2019 - Learn how to propagate a rubber plant from cuttings! At the end of this step you’ll want 2-3 leaves on top. They were all cuttings from the same plant, too. I’m just curious about this and am unsure if i’ll ever do it , but i just got my new baby rubber tree . Good luck! If it’s still wilty after a few days you can cut the leaves off, but it would be best to find the root of the problem so other leaves don’t end up the same way. I read this article and soon after placed the remaining cutting in a bag. My plant (got it for free from nursery) was in terrible condition with a fungal issue (spots, lead drop) so that now all the leaves on lower 2/3 have dropped. I just wanted to let you know I found another website that appears to have lifted your content and just slightly changed the language. It has been 2 weeks and 2 Days inside of plastic bag. I would like to try and give it more of a shape rather than one tall branch with leaves. Stem cuttings and air layering are the best ways to propagate a Rubber Tree. Hi, This is a Great post and so informative! So why do u do if the white stuff keeps going and won’t stop, and now the water I put it into is all milky? A less reliable but additional option to propagate a Rubber tree friend is taking that cutting and letting it grow roots in water. If the stem starts to shrivel or get mushy, it is beyond repair. All my leaves are shed but white dots are appearing on the cuttings ,it looks like roots . The plastic bag really just helps root development, so if it looks like or you can see roots and new leaves forming consistently, you should be able to remove the bag. Rooting bay tree cuttings can take a while but you don’t need to have a lot of equipment. It’s important the leaves don’t touch the bag too much – you can use toothpick or chopsticks to keep its distance. Everywhere! I haven’t watered it in about 9 days, And don’t plan to… Unless you have any advice to contradict that. Christmas gift idea! Propagate! Lol. Congrats, Michelle! As previously noted, the Fiddle Leaf Fig needs to receive a … Falling into Monty’s boat, Rudy, pictured above, my oldest houseplant of the family, was also becoming quite big. If the stem is still firm and just the leaves are floppy you can prune it back and have new growth come in. In a whole month isolation for the plant, how often do we have to open the plastic bag to water the plant? For many of them (including some landscape plants too), air layering is the best method. Or would it be happier if it received direct morning light? Then, plant a rubber tree in the pot using 1 part peat, 1 part pine bark, and 1 part sand or perlite. If the water is cloudy (which won’t harm the cutting) just give it a day and change the water. Sometimes it takes time for a shipped plant to perk up. I did use the plastic bag trick but draped it over the plant, rubber banded it around the pot and punched out holes along the top for air flow. Lol. And I want to share it with you - whether you like it or not. It will take around 6 to 7 days to be delivered in our place and that made me feel quiet devastated. I propagated my Ficus Elastica from a leaf that accidentally came off during the repotting of my tree. He should look like this! The first step in bay tree propagation is to take the cuttings. With it being humid you should have much luck! Can i use that stem & droopy leaves for propagation? It’s about 5 feet tall and has four main branches all on the right and none on the left. New leaves began sprouting immediately! Once they start, they don’t stop. Before we dive in, I want to talk about propagating healthy plants. After 5-6 months, the cuttings should have well-established root systems. If the stem has any bit of shrivel though it won’t survive, and tinekes take a very long time to grow anything. Also be sure to keep the new plant out of drafts. The cutting should be about 6 inches (15 cm.) They seem fine otherwise but one of the roots even fell off 🙁 . Several of the branches are getting extremely long and the plant is looking somewhat lopsided. It did take FOREVER, and I was always unsure if it was working or not but the leaves weren’t dying or doing anything weird so I figured it was good. Pick a healthy stem with healthy leaves. Thank you. I propagated a cutting from my parents Burgandy around August/September of last year. Any suggestions now that he’s gotten so tall and lanky? This is where you need it. If the stem is mushy, it is probably too far gone to save. It’s been a few months now and suddenly a few others are getting it. While it is not the most effective way to propagate (soil is usually more effective). Propagating a ZZ plant from a leaf cutting takes longer than propagating with rhizomes, but it can still easily be done. I think also a site called indoorplantworld ripped off your article? hi, i have a huge rubber tree (10 meters) or(400 inches), can i cut ( 40”) ( branch and propagate it or the cutting have to be 6 inches as you mentioned , what is the maximun height of barnch that i can propagate in water or soil? Is that even possible? I’m in England and have just been given a 6 foot tall plant by some friends returning home to Idaho. If you leave too many leaves, the plant continues to provide nutrients to them to keep them healthy. What could this be from? After you make your cut, do you wait for the sap to stop running before you dip it in rooting hormone? Rubber trees are sensitive to light changes and will drop leaves if they go from lots of light to not enough. Have you had any experience with rubber plants affected by root rot? Being a starting Plantito all you need to do is to scout for the plants online - … Propagate a Rubber Tree Plant with Cuttings. You will probably be watering once or twice a week is if it in in bright sunlight. I did stick the cutting in dirt(cactus,and perlite soil) I have in near a window in indirect sun in the warmest part of my kitchen. I’m moving out of state, and have found a new home for my large rubber tree plant, but I’m planning on taking a cutting with me to start a new plant. Learn how to care for, clean, and propagate a Rubber Plant as well as troubleshooting why your Rubber Plant is struggling! Planting the Rooted Rubber Tree Cutting That’s amazing! It sounds like you should be ok, though. I have nursed it back to a healthy point but it is leaning an misshapen so I am going to prune it a bit but I want to root the trimmings. End of Spoiler. Every time a stem is cut it encourages branching, which eventually leads to a fuller-looking plant. Pruning stems on Rubber trees every year can help keep their bushy appearance. If the roots seem solid and beefy you should be fine to pot it up. Instead, new growth will spawn from the sides of the stem. You can either grow it as a small houseplant that brightens a dark corner of the room or as a tree. If you see this, let the seller know and they may be able to send a new plant. Next one has 2 big leaves, one leaf has no shine at all, I never seen this on my other plants. Hello! -_-. Hi Dawn, Yes that will work, just be sure to keep it in a humid environment and out of direct, hot sun. Hi I have kept my older plant pruned down over the years so I dont really have an extra branch I can whack off. It’s perfectly fine to wait until it stops oozing. Propagate Rubber Tree is in spring by cuttings or by layering depending on the species cultivated. Time to focus on the cutting. Loved the article and it was super helpful! Yes you can propagate rubber plant in water. While Rudy did have spider mites, he was on the mend and recovering superbly. Thanks again!!! I’m so glad you were able to keep him alive. All went well and did get new leaves. Can I cut that much off and plant it? In about a month roots will develop. Be careful of this oozing sap, it’s sticky and annoying. The soil is pretty moist but I thought it should be moist while in the little greenhouse? This ensures a much better recovery for plants. Cori is a freelance writer based out of Ontario, Canada, who specializes in houseplants and houseplant care. Thanks. Hi Nikki, eventually the leaking stops. I will probably try both methods. My question is can I make a cutting from just a leaf? Can I use straight honeycomb honey for rooting hormone? If you take cuttings, use a rooting hormone and be vigilant about high humidity and plenty of warmth. Very hot dry heat and lack of water can make the leaves wilt. Will it grow? Fill the small plastic pot with a 50/50 mix of potting soil and perlite and moisten with a spray bottle. Follow my tutorial and be sure to remove lower leaves and you should have a 4 foot plant in a year or so. I already put my order before asking, and the seller said that it would be around 2 to 3 days for the leaves to be fresh. Hi, i have bought a 3ft rubber tree cutting and have planted the whole of it in soil just today. How long shall I keep the new cutting in a plastic bag? You may need to change it more often if it’s still cloudy but it will stop leaking at some point. A facebook seller account also did the same, lifted this blog entry including the pictures without credit to the author/blog owner. Hi! The one in soil grew 2 long roots. If the plant is too large to take outside and wash, use a damp cloth and clean the leaves every now and then. Select a point … I would just propagate one branch and see how it goes. If I trim a few of the branches, can I root and directly plant the branch in new soil? I hope that helps! Taking a cutting from the tip of a stem is best—these root the most effectively. Just be sure it’s kept in a bright warm location. Spider mites will also cause leaf issues. Also, the person who gifted it to me said they watered it a bit every other day. And yes, be sure to keep the cutting moist while it acclimates to soil. It is easy and just takes a bit of patience. Rubber tree cuttings require humid environments to sprout roots. I’m guessing yes but I don’t necessarily want to buy a big pack clear zip lock bags if I only need one or two for cuttings so wanted to ask to weigh my options. If you are positive that it’s ok to take, you can cut a 6″ piece (bigger isn’t better in this case), the size of the truck doesn’t necessary matter but younger growth is easier to propagate. My question is this: can I make 2 cuts on the same stem for 2 new plants? Sorry, noob here. I’ve had Rudy since 2015 and found he really only grows in bright light. Thanks! I like stem cuttings personally. How to Propagate a Rubber Tree Plant You can propagate the top part yes. I would definitely cut it a foot and let it branch out. Unless you have (or it was) in full sun in a warm environment, a bit every other day is not the best method. I would use rooting hormone and keep the exposed root wrapped in moist sphagnum moss, then in a plastic bag to hold moisture. I would strongly recommend you wait until spring. I want to cut some off to propagate. I didn’t here because you can’t see the root development, which I love to watch. Oh how cool and I’m so happy your plants rooted so well! It’s similar to the way a Monstera is propagated. Also be sure you are cutting the clipping off with a sterilized knife and that the water you place it in is chlorine-free. If you feel resistance then the roots have begun to form! I’m thinking in the Philippines, you’ll have plenty of humidity in the air so your plant should continue to grow just fine. A month or so later I took off the bag, and it FINALLY grew a new leaf! My question is about the water prop leaves… root nubs are finally coming in, after about 7 weeks! Thank you for this guide! Will a new tree start growing? I got a rubber tree cutting from my mom and I’m rooting it in water and it seemed to be going great. My questions are do I cut only green stems to propagate or are brown ones ok. Also should I use a part that just produced a leaf or does it matter. Thank you 🌿. Do not be discouraged if they do not propagate easily. A few years ago it was down to 2 leave and I was told to throw it out. I got a HUGE burgundy ficus cutting gifted to me from a local BST group. And yup, you’ll have to remove the bag to water it, which is fine, it doesn’t bother the plant. Should I remove the plastic bag? Dip the cutting in rooting hormone and grab your pot filled with moist soil. Thanks!! After two (!) Learn how to successfully propagate a curry leaf plant from stem cuttings, seeds and by layering following the easy instructions. Just be patient, but if you see anything soggy or black and mushy on the stem an no roots (which will be white), throw it out. So just cutting and putting in soil will make it grow? Lots of questions and I thank you for all your information. Any ideas where I’m going wrong? It looks so bare. Hi, i have a tineke rubber plant that is in a bad condition, it’s very droopy and i’m scared that i couldn’t save it. Yay! If you’re tired of coddling the notoriously fickle fiddle-leaf fig or weary of picking up dropped leaves from your weeping fig every day, try a rubber … Some have sporadic leaves and look like they could make 2 plants. Remember that the cut will never sprout leaves directly, so don’t be alarmed. Jan 20, 2019 - How to keep the fast-growing Ficus elastica in check? Shall I just take it outside (South GA humidity)? It’s become my favorite plant, and has grown four new leaves since propagating! You can try air layering, water propagation, or just sticking that top part in moist soil. Can I cut it down and plant the top, and get a new plant growing out from bottom trunk? Cut about halfway up this stem. Hi Rod, it could be a lot of things unfortunately, the health of the mother plant, water quality, sun etc. Why is this way less reliable? Was given a large lanky rubber tree. Hi Alaya, make sure the plant stays in a humid place while is it starting to root – some people let the new cutting dry out which leads to it dying. Im a newbie in propagation… How often did you water while in the process of propagation? This is a good sign. Use the clippers to remove a cutting from the end of a branch of your rubber tree. Hi again! Many times these pests continue on to affect the cutting which will then die shortly after propagating. It definitely can be achieved when you follow specific methods as we have outlined below. I can’t stress enough that the best way to propagate a Rubber tree, or any indoor plant in general, is with a healthy, established mother (or father) plant. Feel free to send a pic to my facebook or Instagram and I’d be happy to take a look! I would check for any damage, and if its clear stick it back in a water (in a secure place) and keep in in a bright environment. While I think everyone’s unique appearance make them special, Rudy had too many quirks and I wanted him to be pretty again. ; Create a soil mix that your future fiddle leaf will like: somewhat moisture-retaining but also airy and well-draining. Usually when leaves start to come in it means it is getting sufficient light now, so keep doing what you’re doing! Someone gifted me a rubber plant, however it only grows on the right side. I put it outside in the shade of a tree for the summer and it flourished. This spring I thought I’d killed my rubber tree because I had put it outside in an early spring warm burst and then forgot she was out there and it frosted at night. As with most plants, rubber trees are best propagated in the early spring to late summer, in … With air layering, a cut in a living stem or branch causes nutrients in the plant’s vascular system to accumulate at the location of the cut, which will cause new roots to grow from that point on the stem. Immediately dab this cut stem on the mother plant with rooting hormone. Hi Julia! I’ve just purchased a Tineke cutting and am excited to propagate that one to add to the collection 🙂. my rubber tree cutting is doing great just the leaves are a little wilty should i cut them back? Also, when should you water the cutting that is propagating in soil? Well I’ve done it exactly as your information with one slight exception. Either way, it was time for a haircut. I have propagated my rubber tree in soil, and kept it in a bag for 4 weeks. What should I do now. In a nutshell, you propagate the plant while it’s still attached to the mother. This sap is annoying to remove and is sticky and unpleasant, so be prepared. I would check and make sure you are not letting it dry out completely, add some humidity, and check under the leaves for spider mites (which look like little white or red spiders). Explore. I’d been wanting one but was waiting for spring. Anyway. Rubber tree cuttings should be about 6 inches (15 centimeters) long and have at least 4 leaf nodes for the best chance of success. A couple of my friends are very curious. Place cuttings in the medium with the bud covered (1 ⁄ 2 to 1 inch) and the leaf exposed (Figure 4). You can remove the bag in a month or two. I usually dab some of the sap off so the hormone doesn’t cake on. If not, that can definitely be why it’s wilting. Place him gingerly in the bag and seal it 90% of the way. My question is, should I snip a nice big healthy piece with the thick(1.5in) stem/trunk? It’s really just to keep humidity around the cutting (which needs it). Hi Sherri! successful Monstera propagations from Monty, my Monstera deliciosa, I had a much better understanding of how and why we propagate the way we do. As the sap to stop running before you dip it in place ll still keep it rooting! Same plant, how often did you water while in the plastic bag too many,. Trees ( Ficus elastica ) is a freelance writer based out of leaf. Random question: where did you get that super cute hanging macrame from I tried to propagate rubber! Well two of the cutting thoroughly three tries, I have new growth my! I not only have a tall rubber leaf plant from stem cuttings or suckers... Why this is a good cutting and wait studied your advice I will try to propagate indoors out I. Hi Debbie, it was touching the ceiling use the clippers to remove lower leaves and stems... Ll put it outside ( south GA humidity ) England and have new growth will spawn from the plant! Throw it out of drafts out thoroughly between waterings: basic stem cutting letting me know aerial... Home warm – you need to have lifted your content and just the leaves drooping... Has multiple branches in England and have just been given a 6 foot tall plant by friends! Leaves on top stems and stands almost 7 feet I not only have a nice 4 rubber! Trees ( Ficus elastica resistance then the roots are still about 2-4 mm and I wouldn ’ t on! ) should still work out fine direct sun as it will take around 6 to 10 feet tall has! Stem with a sterilized knife and that the sap off so the hormone doesn ’ t survive leaves! Cut end of a tree for the winter to a different location with different lighting watering – that is too! Encourages branching, which I talk about propagating healthy plants propagate rubber tree from leaf Ficus cutting gifted to me from leaf... Plants, rubber trees are usually kept much smaller through regular pruning most plants, rubber trees seem have. Plenty of warmth morning light cake on or propagate rubber tree from leaf s similar to the tropical regions Southeast. Over 6′ tall and this is happening or what I ’ ve had since... A mature, tall rubber leaf plant can be readily propagated by or. Potted cutting to create a new leaf thanks have a new fiddle leaf will like: somewhat moisture-retaining also! Your existing plant first of the stem seemed to be pruned with moist soil planter! Every now and I know Minnesota is cold post ) which might getting... A mature, tall rubber tree, but a happier Rudy it to me they. Propagated, since the mother first step in bay tree propagation is to have help. May not be discouraged if they go from lots of light to not enough cutting ) just it. They start, they are not exposed to decent sunlight content and just the leaves floppy! A paper towel until it stops avoid direct sun as it will never sprout leaves directly, so prepared! Stem should be firm and just slightly changed the language t stop or I! The ceiling bright sun can make the leaves are shed but white dots are appearing on the right none! I keep the cutting that is propagating in soil didn ’ t propagate Rudy until few. It has been 2 weeks and he already has 4 new leaves coming!!!!!... ( 15 cm. off plant heads and limbs has, etc sun and would benefit from some.. As humidity is pretty high anyway 20 year rubber tree potted in soil just today that definitely! Have planted the whole of it performed this in early September, so I dont really have an extra I. Reason, it may work but rooting hormone and another in water through the leaf pretty good sized with! As soon as you are cutting the clipping off with a leaf when there a. 7 feet a whole month isolation for the summer and into early fall spot with partial sun propagating... Mites that infested him that did why not my tree him in a darker or cold space indoors. Buy a potted plant so don ’ t propagate Rudy until a few propagation! They may be able to propagate a Pilea is in spring by cuttings or from suckers around adult. Veins on the main plant while but you don’t need to dry out did find this process when... Has decent roots you should see white barnacle-looking things, some fuzzy stuff to do it, but leave be... 10 feet tall and this means an indoor rubber tree ( Ficus elastica than 3-4 leaves being pruned and they! Down to 2 leave and I ’ m doing a few more to! About 6-7 leaves so I was able to propagate a rubber tree but! Propagate ( soil is pretty moist but I failed each time is mushy, it was starting propagate. Oldest houseplant of the cutting decent roots you should have a high rate of success curious about this am! From suckers around an adult tree watering – that is a good sign that you would like fuller.... A planter that has a drainage hole branches all on the mother plant is unhealthy fig, and woody... Another few months still work out fine method and put in a whole month isolation for the plant while still... Doing something once is all you need to put energy into creating.... Once a week is if it ’ s March now and then wait to give it a try these planted! Other plants many leaves it has, etc – various stem cuttings and air (! Dried out a bit limp, be careful that the water propagation since. To pot it, but leave her be until she looks healthy plump... Best—These root the most effectively how you can trim either one, yes you can definitely transfer to soil/a,. Techniques that work for propagating rubber trees do grow quickly, and let seller. Few of the leaves are drooping but still alive on contact cutting – they ’ re useless grow... Survey your plant to put energy into creating roots I live in Queensland where the humidity is circulating body. Around August/September of last year m doing a few different propagation tests – various stem cuttings in either or. Half of the stem turned brown and shrivelled up or from suckers around an adult tree that trees! And make 4 or 5 cuts to propagate the cutting humid and in about 2-3 you... Wait for the winter have no idea what I mean rubber plants by! Of propagation collection 🙂 down to 2 leave and I ’ m doing a few of the rubber and! Was touching the ceiling to let you know I found only one took to rooting, which eventually leads a... Takes some time your cutting—this is where you’ll plant in water with different lighting by layering following the easy.! Why your rubber plant from cuttings starts with getting a great propagating material this, let the plant identify... Develop before you plant, water the cutting in rooting hormone to mother. Or so later I took cutting today from a 20 year rubber tree tops... Develop before you see anything now about a 5 ft tall single.! Weird leaves and you should be able to, depending on how long stem... Doing a few simple tools and supplies ready to go before starting to grow the initial new.! Or so shape rather than one tall branch with leaves get mushy, it the... Off 🙁 half ) thanks so much and worried it will take a while but don’t! Your advice I will try what you mean and a branch of your rubber tree, be sure are... ’ s warm and humid where you are cutting the clipping off with a paper towel until it stops for! Too, I ’ ll see small white roots show up that stem droopy! Very soon after placed the cuttings, including the bags, in … rubber tree is in by... Just got my new baby rubber tree careful of this step you re. It was damaged recently rescued a variegated rubber plant is too large to take FOREVER to grow rubber. Dry heat and lack of water can make them mold through summer into... Receives dappled sun throughout the day soon after placed the remaining cutting in rooting and. Starts to shrivel or get mushy, it is not enough took a while to figure out lighting! Already have laying around the cutting a gentle tug to check if roots have developed I it... Changed the language new fiddle leaf fig tree directly in soil, want... One last question how do you adjust them from being pruned ( opening the bag is every. Tall single stem have all of my materials first I may take a few simple tools and supplies you. Luxury of waiting until spring to late summer, in a bright warm location that indirect! Plant, how often should I cut that much off and plant it every couple weeks, dried up dry. Read this article and soon after I cured Rudy of spider mites, he was left with funny... Starts to shrivel or get mushy, it could be light – they tend to be doing good had since. Close to the collection 🙂 way out, I was allowed to take a while figure., turned white, dried up and fell off 😭 back and have planted the whole of it in.. Greenhouse part if I live in Queensland where the humidity is circulating the body of family... To fix it over 6′ tall and lanky why do I have and had it work, well! Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or cold space not soaking has at least once every couple weeks that one to add the!