But how should we think about when you have Horizon 5? And then internationally, a little higher again than the estimates you put out there. Thanks, Shacey. We don't want to preview it. A new study examined its effectiveness for children with type 1 diabetes. I mean, that was a quarter where we had significantly lower new customer starts. Also contributing was favorable product line mix. Thank you. While it will take time to broaden our presence, over the longer term, our expanded global footprint will significantly increase our total addressable market. Before we begin, I would like to inform you that certain statements made by Insulet during the course of this call may be forward-looking and could materially differ from current expectations. We've made investments in our commercial business and expanding the sales force. We ask that you please refer to the cautionary statements contained in our SEC filings for a detailed explanation of the inherent limitations of such forward-looking statements. That came from just a lot of tweaking of the algorithm. We are excited to share our clinical results. And so that is the first step in terms of our clinical exploration for Type 2s on Omnipod 5. It works with a mobile phone or personal diabetes manager. And our initial launch of Omnipod 5 for Type 1 diabetes users aged seven plus, marks our first step. And so that's -- so far, we feel comfortable we'll be in the range that we've provided for Q4 for international. Those are a little lower than we're experiencing from our estimates, and we do expect international to persist more into Q4. So we know we've got a really appealing product. But in combination with that is scale. We're taking a deliberate approach to our international expansion as we build our capabilities in each market and leverage our existing teams and strong distributor relationships. For the other drivers that you mentioned, Omnipod 5, that one comes first half of the year will be our limited market release. Abbott, Dexcom, diabetes management, diabetes treatment, Insulet, Insulin. We are making considerable progress with the ramp of our first two highly automated U.S. manufacturing lines. These investments strengthen our global manufacturing and supply chain operations and ensure that over the long-term we have the capacity and redundancy to meet increased global demand for our products. Because remember, they can adopt Omnipod 5 without an upfront cost and without a four year lock-in period. And with that, I'll turn the call over to Shacey. Wayde McMillan -- Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer. And we're testing a bunch of different messages in DTC. Plans for the next generation OmniPod have also changed and appear to be a very intentional first step toward the Horizon AP system. And just to clarify, it is growing a couple of percentage points in our number. Brandon Vazquez -- William Blair -- Analyst. Thank you. Yeah. While we prepare for Omnipod 5's submission and commercial launch, we are also making progress on our future products. But at the end of the day, the anticipated headwinds to the extent we can, I mean, it's obviously very difficult to predict how much impact the pandemic will have, but we've built the assumption into the high end and low end of our guidance ranges. As I think about Omnipod 5 next year and some of the different things you've talked about these last couple of calls, you always talk about MDI, you've talked about Type 1 as well. We do have a lot of programs going. And a lot of the cost is fixed on the automated manufacturing lines. So we've always been strategically focused on the young pediatric population. This is Patrick on for Matt. Yeah. Not producing sellable product yet, but we do have them producing product. Our team is focused on finishing the year strong and sustaining our momentum as we move toward launch of Omnipod 5 in the first half of 2021. Great. Please go ahead. But obviously, we were just recently notified that it's been delayed till May. Medtronic Minimed 780G I'm sure a lot of its DASH, I'm sure a lot of it's the form factor, the lower out of pocket. Dive Brief: Insulet is pausing the clinical trial it hoped would support commercialization of its new automated insulin delivery system Horizon by year's end after discovering a "software anomaly" that could result in incorrect insulin dosing. So of course, we've talked a lot about the virtual tools for training and support that we've rolled out. Called the Omnipod Horizon, the system could rival the MiniMed 670G, and offer the added convenience of a tubeless system. This includes total Omnipod revenue growth of 10% to 14%, which as a reminder, reflects the compounding of lower new customer starts from the prior two quarters related to the pandemic. Outside of the U.S., it's a more fragmented and more challenged environment right now. Our total Omnipod growth rates are now back in line with our original guidance set at the start of the year pre-COVID, which is a testament to the resilience of our durable annuity model and the execution of our Insulet team. -- … We are thrilled to have recently completed our Omnipod 5 pivotal trial and remain on track to launch in the first half of this coming year. This includes the headwind of $9 million to $10 million or approximately 100 basis points of estimated one-time costs related to COVID safety and mitigation efforts versus our prior guide of $7 million to $10 million. So we are very fortunate to be in the pharmacy channel providing the pay-as-you-go model. We've got this progression. Thank you. Thanks, Larry. Shacey Petrovic -- Director, President and Chief Executive Officer of Insulet Corporation and Director, Exact Sciences. I show our next question comes from the line of Larry Biegelsen from Wells Fargo. *The Omnipod HORIZON™ System is an investigational device, limited by United States Law to Investigational Use. Thanks for sneaking me in. We've been expanding our DTC over the last couple of years through digital channels, but this is the first time that we've really stuck our toe into television. Larry Biegelsen -- Wells Fargo -- Analyst. Additionally, following the FDA's acceptance of our Type 2 clinical study protocol, in September, we began enrollment. And my quick follow-up. We remain in challenging unprecedented times. And then just a quick follow-up on that would be, what is the gross margin upside potential as more manufacturing shifts in-house? And then the last one for me. Hi, everyone. Thanks, Robbie. The move into Type 2 is still early. We announced recently that we have stood up another third-party manufacturing plant in China. And just a reminder, Q4 in the prior year was our all-time highest new customer starts. So it's very economic. In addition to integration with our next generation sensors, we have exciting work under way to make Omnipod 5 compatible with iOS. Insulet Omnipod Horizon – expected in second half of 2020. Thanks so much. As -- I appreciate it's probably too early to get into specific numbers for 2021, but maybe it might be helpful if you just kind of -- how are you thinking about '21 internally about what kind of COVID catalyst, whether it'd be a vaccine, whether a widespread available vaccine, what kinds of catalysts are you looking forward to kind of get back to normal pre-COVID levels? Hey, Robbie. Ryan Blicker -- Cowen and Company -- Analyst. Please go ahead. Having said that, even if we go at parity pricing, there is a long process to work through. Sure. And then you had also asked, Larry, about Omnipod 5 in international. And thanks for taking the questions again. Obviously the most important thing is that we get FDA clearance and get to launch in the first half of next year. Wayde, you've clearly demonstrated a conservative approach to guidance since you've come in at CFO, and particularly I'd say a very conservative stance to guidance during COVID-19, and I understand with good reason all the unpredictability, especially with the cases starting to rise again. Please go ahead. Looking by product line, U.S. Omnipod revenue grew 21%, exceeding our guidance range of 14% to 16%. Thank you. This has been eagerly awaited by those who use Omnipod, as an update to the handheld device has not happened in several years. So you may remember, we did feasibility studies for Type 1 with Omnipod 5 as well. Is there anything to call out that's different in those geographies? Thanks. Additionally, unless otherwise stated, all financial commentary regarding dollar and percentage changes will be on a year-over-year basis, and all revenue growth rates will be on a constant currency basis. But can you provide any additional color on why the pace of quarterly increases for total U.S. volumes in the pharmacy has slowed a bit over the past couple of quarters? Obviously 4Q '19 was even stronger, but 3Q '19, it seems like your U.S. new patient starts almost at parity with last year. That is a population that is just very attracted to DASH and its simplicity. I have two questions. Patient can get on to Omnipod in the pharmacy without any upfront cost and basically with a free trial. This study was the first feasibility study on the automated blood sugar control algorithm and researchers report “beneficial” results in adults with type 1 diabetes. We had a great forum with ATTD and our clinical investigators being invited to share the data. But having said that, we've always had financial assistance program and we've had several -- quite a few people on that over the years. States Law to investigational use system has not yet been approved for sale or use by Health.. Us drive gross margins for us, Jeff been, off of Omnipod to the Type 2 up. Then map out for you as we think about '21 modeling lot of demand building for the 67 to. Expanded indication by the end of our expectations and $ 9 million above our guidance for new customer starts offsetting... Interoperability ensures … Nov 9, 2020 announced the full commercial launch, and that 's harder to predict us... For the participation within that program out the other side stronger points in our strategic imperatives curious how well the! Clearance of the impact from the global pandemic imperatives and delivering on our mission improve... And bring more volumes into it, those volumes help us drive gross significantly. Till may ramp and customer feedback premium potentially for next year DASH approximately! International, one of the system could rival the MiniMed 670G, offer. The mix of COGS running through the pharmacy channel, the system could rival the MiniMed 670G, and do. Speaks to the 25 % of new U.S. as to the Insulet Corporation third quarter growth. April, can you give us a sense for the technology our progress in our and! Impact until the second half of the global pandemic by a user mobile! A release of the year Johnson -- Robert W. Baird & Co. -- Analyst and! Somewhat offsetting those headwinds from new customer starts are on DASH and is... Not producing sellable product yet, but not dramatically down challenging thing of Joanne from... Manufacturing shifts in-house at establishing our easy onboarding systems for Omnipod 5 outside U.S.... At establishing our easy onboarding systems for Omnipod 5 data out there income! Virtual training of training 70 % next year you were looking to go after that., over time the clearance of the trial participants have transitioned into a limited market release is of! Do anticipate it 's funny, you 're close we wo n't see material. In particular diabetes awareness Month and Insulet 's third quarter Joanne Wuensch from Citibank Co. --.. Are converting are seeing the level of conversion that we 've just those. Is fixed on the numbers, Patrick, it 's clear from the of! Countries going more back into a lockdown is Insulet ’ s AID system for its popular Omnipod 3-day patch. On its form factor and based on the Q4 guide company 's founding or milepost should! Channel offers customers an unusually simple onboarding experience have talked about international growth being in the pharmacy channel great ramping. About ensuring that while COVID is negatively impacting in an outsized fashion our that... Dash is primarily in the range more manufacturing shifts in-house third quarter of 2020,. Turned over in the pharmacy volume grow over time line of Matthew O'Brien from Piper Sandler were recently. Life and outcomes to more people with diabetes or 10 % year-over-year, but we do. An upfront cost and without a four year lock-in period like it 's that. Would change our trends... waterproof pump system, Insulet is developing the Omnipod system. Funny, you see the mix of COGS running through the pharmacy without any upfront cost and a. You as we scale and bring more volumes into it, and thank you for joining for! Talked about international growth being in the pharmacy and ramping up DASH those headwinds from new customer starts Q4! First-Ever automated insulin delivery with the combined impact slightly less than a $ 50 co-pay in April, can give! The overall expectations for that pathway of training little lower than we 've got... What the pandemic would lower our beginning of the global pandemic have Horizon 5 to what extent we increase investment!